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wishes Phill Moreton...."

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Pole Floats

Garbolino DC13H Hollow Tip Pencil Floats
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Garbolino DC13H Hollow Tip Pencil Floats

Garbolino DC13H Hollow Tip Pencil Floats

  • The Pellet Pencil is perfect for F1 style fishing tight to far bank island swims or shallow on the drop. Designed to create the least resistance for these delicate feeders the float shape promotes perfect bite indication
  • The short metal stem keeps the float stable even in difficult winds and the slimline hollow antenna enables you to dot the float down and still see every indication. This float also doubles up as a great margin swim float as its streamline body creates no noise at all on the strike.
  • 1 supplied

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DC13H010Garbolino DC13H Hollow Tip Pencil Float 0.1g  Save: 5.3% or 0.081.501.42
DC13H020Garbolino DC13H Hollow Tip Pencil Float 0.2g  Save: 5.3% or 0.081.501.42
DC13H030Garbolino DC13H Hollow Tip Pencil Float 0.3g  Save: 5.3% or 0.081.501.42
DC13H040Garbolino DC13H Hollow Tip Pencil Float 0.4g  Save: 5.3% or 0.081.501.42
DC13H060Garbolino DC13H Hollow Tip Pencil Float 0.6g  Save: 5.3% or 0.081.501.42
DC13H080Garbolino DC13H Hollow Tip Pencil Float 0.8g  Save: 5.3% or 0.081.501.42
DC13H100Garbolino DC13H Hollow Tip Pencil Float 1.0g  Save: 5.3% or 0.081.501.42